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Manifest reality through action.

We stand on the edge of life, blind to the paths which lay before us.  We see fear in the darkness when we have no faith.  Right now, we are in the dark and only those with faith can understand.

The faithful.  These are the fearless ones and the righteous.

The negative of the faithful, also harness a fearless grit.  However, they only have faith in themselves.  They rise to prosperity and plummet shortly after; their life is like the jagged edges of a knife.  Their purpose, to sever understanding.

The faithful march forward, against the darkness, in courage.  Their being, focused on something higher than themselves.

Darkness turns to light.  Now they see how shallow the old life was.

Patience is what allows them to endure; a sweet suffering.  Then, when the clear message arrives, they act.  Thus manifesting reality through their truth, and passing on the knowledge to those in need.

Who are the righteous who see the signs?


Rather Be Free

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