it puts a smile on ones face when they find a piece; a true joy in truth. 

There’s something which rests underneath everyday life.  The pattern does not always appear complete, but it puts a smile on ones face when they find a piece; a true joy in truth. They are not always grand when presented to the naked eye and I wonder what the entirety of it means.  Someday, it will reveal itself.  That day, the picture will be great.  

Here’s to the journey…  

Day II

Future in hand, our Dream is the evidence

…We stand on the Horizon of life, peering out

    past fades behind the Present

Future in hand, our Dream is the evidence

    Manifested through actions of Our Presence 

Everyday filled with Divine intervention.

    This is Day II, Ambition padded with Lessons 

Questions curl the comforted back to the Sunrise

    Our comfort been left, We’re seeking the Sunset

Only to outrun the Sun, we don’t race with the rats

    We search for Destiny, that’s what it says on the hat…


I too am in need of repair.   

How, truthfully, can I look at the world around me and not see the need for my own repair? This is a question, which I seek an answer for.

Let any person who boasts themselves to be perfection personified or the next best thing, know that in the world of “normal” that makes them average; far from perfection.

Don’t look down on those you are eye level with.

I too, am far from perfection and confidently so.  The cracks in my being are evident to my mind, body, and soul.  I do not run from these things in fear.  Rather, my fear runs from my acknowledgement and my doubt follows after.  It is not an easy thing to battle oneself, and so we are exhausted in our imperfection.  Yet, where I am weak, my guidance is strong [In Faith, Friends, Family].

Vices, a whirlpool of destruction; dramatic words.  However, the words only reflects a fraction of the consequences of the cycles.  We have been in it for so long that those things which mean to cause us harm become normal.  So we act normally, we speak normally, we think normally.  The weight of normal binds our limbs in guilt and confusion.  Rage and sadness are the result.

“How do I break from the sadness and confusion?”  Is the suffering question.

I too am imperfect, so I only know this:

“Ask yourself the difficult questions, and be prepared to answer them.  Truthfully.  Then find understanding and evolve.”

I too am in need of repair.



Patience is what allows them to endure; a sweet suffering. 

Manifest reality through action.

We stand on the edge of life, blind to the paths which lay before us.  We see fear in the darkness when we have no faith.  Right now, we are in the dark and only those with faith can understand.

The faithful.  These are the fearless ones and the righteous.

The negative of the faithful, also harness a fearless grit.  However, they only have faith in themselves.  They rise to prosperity and plummet shortly after; their life is like the jagged edges of a knife.  Their purpose, to sever understanding.

The faithful march forward, against the darkness, in courage.  Their being, focused on something higher than themselves.

Darkness turns to light.  Now they see how shallow the old life was.

Patience is what allows them to endure; a sweet suffering.  Then, when the clear message arrives, they act.  Thus manifesting reality through their truth, and passing on the knowledge to those in need.

Who are the righteous who see the signs?


Rather Be Free


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